About Rachaell Saan Ma

Ms. Saan Ma experienced an early awakening at the age of 8, aware of one’s unchanging and eternal nature where she began seeing the individual “person” as somehow illusory. As an adult, she spent 46 years immersed in spiritual practice and devotion to realizing truth, healing modalities and also teaching while in the company of masterful teachers and Self-realized ones.

Through her direct pointings and wise guidance, she has helped countless individuals and groups realize their true nature, always pointing to “Home” — the Eternal Existence, unshakable Joy, Pure Awareness and All-Abiding Love of the Self.

She encourages and empowers a continuous direct experience of Reality by the invitation to turn within, always focused in the Heart. “Without this,” she says, “recognition is oftentimes fleeting. The unreal is habitually perceived and desired to be real, and so the illusion of separation results. One must have direct experience of their natural state–the vast indescribable Presence, sometimes called Self, God or Reality–as much as possible in order to anchor one’s awareness in the very truth of their Being.”

For the past 25 years, she has held public meditations, talks, satsang, retreats, intensives, private sessions, and initiated powerful transformations and awakenings that has helped so many come to know their essential Self.

MountainPicforBioLike Ramana Maharshi’s love for Arunachala, majestic Mount Shasta has been Saan Ma’s great love and sanctuary for 19 years. She has spent many long retreats alone in silence while living outdoors deep in this mountain’s forests. While resting and meditating on its sacred slopes she received the direct realization that absolutely nothing exists outside of the “Self” or the Infinite Presence of Reality–that we are the vast Awareness in which all names, images and forms seem to arise, appear to be playing themselves out, and disappear. Separation, division and individual form does not exist at all. All is the Self. All is God/Love, and absolutely nothing else exists.

Saan Ma began offering these simple pointings to those who were seeking them. Through her inexhaustible wisdom, humor and love, one can more easily embrace whatever it is that arises, experiencing far more Grace, Truth and inherent Freedom.

Saan Ma continues to hold Satsang, meditations, retreats, talks, and private and group sessions wherever she is called. To schedule any of these, please go to the Contact page of this website.