From Pain to Peace

There is a gift in our grief and suffering.


It can lead one deeper into Self, into the very Truth of your Being. Deep suffering can usher in greater Divine Awareness and God-realization. Such deep transformation will often precede the most fulfilling and meaningful awakening. All sorrows are born of “time” and do not last. Therefore, use your grieving, disturbances and heartache as the  fire to wake you up more fully to the truth of your very existence–to the slumbering Supreme Divine within you. You will never be the same again.

The greater your suffering, the greater will be your desire for real Peace and Freedom. But dwelling on and repeating the details of one’s story, whether it be an everyday problem or more of a tragedy, can obscure real Understanding and distort the Truth that brings lasting Peace.

So many ideas we believe about our “individual” self―about our identity, our body, our apparent life, all the players in it, and death too. Our responses to pain, including the death of a loved one, have all been conditioned as well.

The form that our suffering takes varies widely but is really all the same and has only one underlying theme. Whether common or tragic, they can all be traced back to that one initial belief where we exist separate from LOVE, from God, from Self or Source. This one belief, albeit unconscious and out of our awareness, brings great pain and suffering, and is reflected in almost every thought and situation in this  apparent life and world.

All suffering has the ability to steer one’s Awareness to a completely different perspective, toward one that is more expanded and True. If we allow and are willing, our pain can transform us if we ask for the deeper healing. True healing, no matter what form the suffering takes, is always about remembering your Infinite Wholeness with Source where no separation ever occurred. For it is in the belief in separation that brings incredible suffering. True healing is about remembering the Truth of your very existence, which includes the Truth of everyone else as well. No one is ever left out of LOVE’s All-Abiding Presence.

Do not dismiss or numb your pain so quickly, nor repeat the story that holds you there.

Honor the pain by asking how it may serve as a doorway to greater Awakening, Truth and Freedom.

Always ask to see your pain or suffering, whether small or great, through the eyes of Divine Truth and Divine LOVE.

All pain and suffering has the potential
to wake you up from this dream of separation,
and bring your awareness back HOME to the Oneness of Self.

There is a lasting gift that awaits each and every one behind such agony. Ask for the real Healing. Surrender to the Divine, to God, and then let go. You will be led to greater Peace, Wisdom, Awareness and LOVE. You will discover a Wholeness beyond Oneness that you thought you had forgotten but is wholly familiar.

It’s all waiting underneath the pain.

“This world oscillates endlessly between pleasure and pain.
There can be no security, no stability here.
These are to be found in God alone.”
~Anandamayi Ma