Only Oneness Is True

And nothing else can be true, even though it may appear as real.


Oneness is your natural state. It means that you have never left Source and that you never ever can. The appearance of you being “here” in this thing you call your life, is only a movie playing in the mind. You are so undeniably ONE with Eternal Reality, or God, or LOVE, that the word “Oneness” can’t even touch upon this glorious Truth.

Oneness cannot be described fully in words but can be experienced directly. Oneness is simply a word used to describe an absolutely Perfect Wholeness that can never be divided or exist as just a single individual part. In Reality, You are this Perfect Wholeness. You can never exist as an individual person or body even though it appears that way in the dream of separation. You only appear to exist as such in a mind that believes it can actually separate and be apart from its Source.

Everything in the phenomenal world is directly reflective of what’s hidden in the mind. A deeply hidden belief that you are somehow living outside of your heavenly Source is painful indeed. The idea of separation, no matter what form it takes, hurts and causes anxiety and fear. This belief of separation from Perfect Oneness is unconscious and out of your awareness…until you consciously shift your view. This, of course, takes dedication and perseverance in wanting only the Truth of your Being. This eventually brings immense Joy, Peace and unshakable Freedom from all illusion.

What appears to be “two-ness” or “other” can only appear within a dream, a movie, or an imagined projection. And all of this activity of seeming multiplicity takes place in the mind. It doesn’t exist in Reality. What we see and experience in the phenomenal world has nothing to do with Reality. All the discord, the pain, the suffering, the struggles and the conflict have nothing to do with God, or the Self you are. The Self, or God, is only LOVE, Perfection and Bliss and knows not of these other things.

Don’t be taken in by appearances. Practice seeing past the illusory appearance of a body and see instead the perfect Oneness of everyone, including yourself. No one can be left out of Reality’s Wholeness of Perfect LOVE. If there is anyone that you cannot see as perfectly ONE with this Truth, then that is what needs to be shifted in your mind. This is where your real work is. This person, or situation, whatever it may be, is your ticket “Home” to Perfect Awareness if you can see it truthfully and not as the ego-mind wants you to see it.

Seeing separation, as individual bodies and persons, is the ego’s specialty. The ego will not let go of this viewpoint easily. This is why you must be persistent if it’s Truth and Freedom you want. Never give up on this Truth. You are hardwired to wake up and experience Reality and Perfect Oneness. It has to be revealed to you since you are not really “here” anyway. You only think you’re here.

Remember, if you are seeing anyone as a body (including what appears as your own body), then you are looking through the ego’s distored perspective and not through the eyes of Truth.

More and more, you will realize you are dreaming and that what you are seeing is not true. And the direct experience of your True Self–Eternal Peace, Happiness, God, LOVE–will show you where you really are and have never left.

“What is inquiry into the Truth?  It is the firm conviction that the Self is real,
and all,
other than That, is unreal.  To be free from bondage, the wise person must practice discrimination between the One-Self and the ego-self.  By that alone you will become full of Joy, recognizing Self as Pure Being, Consciousness and Bliss.”   ~Adi Shankara