Sayings of Rachaell Saan Ma

“When the ego-mind is seen for what it is, you realize there is only LOVE,
just as there has been and will always be throughout Eternity.
And anything that appears to have happened in this dream world
will not matter since nothing really happened at all.
It is entirely dismissed.”   ~Saan Ma


“As long as the world of appearance and form is taken to be real or true,
there can be no true realization of the Self that you are.
You will think you are a ‘person’…and that spells trouble.”   ~Saan Ma


“Whatever is real and true can never be lost. It is impossible.
So be a quiet rebel. Let your surrender be total. No one has to know but you.
Insist on only the Truth of your Being. You have nothing to
lose but delusion itself and everything to gain.”   ~Saan Ma


“Don’t believe any commentary or opinion that you hear in your mind
regarding yourself or anyone else.
Unless it’s about Perfect LOVE, it isn’t true.”   ~Saan Ma



“You don’t have to change anything in the dream.
You simply need to awaken from it.
In this way, you will view it differently
and actually experience true joy without all the fear.
Happiness and freedom are your natural state.”
~Saan Ma



“If you experience even the slightest feeling of a loss of Peace, that
is the ego. Don’t ever believe anything that part of the mind
tells you. It’s always about separation which can never be true.”   ~Saan Ma


“Only Oneness is True.
Anything that appears or feels separate is not true and doesn’t exist in Reality.
It only exists in a dream of separation.
You are so undeniably ONE with Reality, God, LOVE, Wholeness, Timeless Peace and Bliss, that the word ‘Oneness’ doesn’t even touch upon this glorious Truth.”   ~Saan Ma


“What appears to be two-ness or “other” can only appear within a dream, a movie,
or an imagined mental projection that appears to divide the Whole.
All this activity of seeming multiplicity takes place in the mind.
It doesn’t exist in Reality.  And Reality is your True Home.”   ~Saan Ma


“Take good care of the body so it can serve you well, but do not attach your true identity to it.
When you see yourself or another as a body or ‘person’ you are not seeing truly.
Insist on seeing this Immortal Presence at all times and eventually,
you will overlook what is not there.”   ~Saan Ma


“The unconscious desire to experience something other than Reality
gave rise to the appearance of this world in all its myriad forms.
So to awaken, your desire must now be to look past the illusory appearance of a body and all form,
and to recognize instead, the One Perfect Reality you never left.”
~Saan Ma


“The best place to find real fulfillment is always right in your own Heart.
This Infinite Heart is One and the same as the very Heart of God.”   ~Saan Ma


“Real silence is not the absence of sound.
It is when the mind rests in stillness and actually stops running.
It stops running because you are no longer following.”   ~Saan Ma



“The ego-mind decides that every thought and feeling you have is your very own self.
But since the ego is the unconscious belief in separation, none of it can ever be true.
Keep recognizing this.  Stay anchored in what you really are,
and you will be free.”   ~Saan Ma


“All pain and suffering has the potential to wake you up from this dream of separation
and bring your awareness back Home to the Perfect Peace of the One Self.
This Truth is always waiting…underneath all the pain.”   ~Saan Ma




“Your experience of peace may come and go,
but Peace is always the background
no matter what.
And you ARE this Eternal background.” 
~Saan Ma



“Whenever you notice the mind pulling you away from Peace;
whenever you feel like the victim and at the effect of the world,
make sure you stop and pause.
Forgive whatever seems to be affecting you,
and come back to Self/God.
This is where real Peace and Truth are found.
Always come back to the SELF.”
~Saan Ma


“You cannot really look at LOVE, or at the vastness of your Being
since these eternal treasures are formless.

But you can always look from LOVE and from the vastness You are.”


“Always ask to view your self and all that arises
through the eyes of Divine Love, Pure Awareness and Divine Truth.
Start and end your day with only this and watch the veils begin to fade.
This will give you the true perspective on everything.
This will bring you real Peace.”   ~Saan Ma


If you can witness it, if it can be seen, then it isn’t the real you. The real You is the watcher of all of this.”  ~Saan Ma

The greatest offering you can ever make is you. Surrender over absolutely everything you are and everything you think you are. Leave nothing out. This takes courage, but do it anyway. Whatever is not you will be seen for what it is and dissolved away from your consciousness. Everything that truly is you (in Truth) will remain.  ~Saan Ma

Give yourself the gift of being absolutely nothing and no one. No identity even. Then, and only then, can you experience the bliss and freedom of being it all.  ~Saan Ma