Summer Retreat


At this time, all retreats are virtual and held over Zoom.

(There are currently no physical retreats being offered).


Mount Shasta is indeed a majestic place and a well-known vortex that supports spiritual awakening, nourishment and inspiration. Ms. Saan Ma will be holding retreats soon to be scheduled for the summer months.

Rachaell has lived in Mount Shasta full time for over 20 years and can gently guide one into the realization of their innermost and truest Being. While basking in this mountain’s tangible presence and natural beauty, one will also be partaking in meditations, talks, walks and other personal activities that are so abundant in this area.


INTERACTIVE ONLINE RETREATS:   These virtual retreats are offered as a One-Day Retreat, or as a Weekend Retreat. Retreats are a wonderful way to deepen one’s spiritual understanding, awareness and practical application in every day life accelerating true Self realization. Spending time in this way allows for greater discovery, stillness, awakening and Divine truth to be revealed. A beautifully sacred and nurturing environment is always held where participants can easily relax into meditation, dialogue, release, and lasting peace. Dates and times for these retreats will soon be forthcoming. Please check back with this website or send us an email by selecting: CONTACT and we will inform you of the details as soon as they are available.