Private Sessions

A certain number of private sessions are available with Rachaell Saan Ma. These are done over the phone or through Skype,  (in person only on occasion). Each session is completely unique and tailored to meet one’s highest need. She will answer your questions and help guide you with her profound wisdom and love, effortlessly shifting one’s awareness from any false perception to their True Nature. The shift that is often needed occurs in one’s awareness and deeper layers of consciousness. The resulting transformation can reveal itself on any level, but ultimately, all “healing” or spiritual realization is really a recognition in consciousness. Sessions usually last 1 to 1½ hours, but may go longer. Shorter sessions are also available .

Group Sessions

Sessions for groups, large or small, are also available. Ms. Saan Ma will come to your city, state or country if the request is made and the arrangements are possible. Group Sessions through Skype may also be available where several can gather together in one’s private home or public gathering space.

PLEASE NOTE:  Rachaell Saan Ma never refers to herself as a “healer.”  Many who come to her for assistance may sometimes use that word to describe her or their experience of a session with her. But she will never use that term to describe herself or her work.  The “healing” that some may refer to is often experienced as a deep sense of relief, peace, grace, or spiritual awakening. It may be a recognition or feeling of wholeness, joy or insight that strengthens one’s sense of true Self. It is often experienced as a complete renewal of one’s innermost sense of spiritual well-being. When one is feeling deep peace, renewed joy, and genuine awareness, then anything and everything is possible. Any “healing” on any level that may follow is a result of pure Grace.

All private sessions are offered by donation. Ms. Saan Ma has worked this way for many years and has found it to be most beneficial. In this way, people are granted flexibility in what they can afford. Often people ask for a “suggested donation” amount. A sliding-scale donation of $85-155 is suggested, but you may offer whatever you can afford. Your offering helps pay for expenses that allow SaanMa Satsang to be given free of charge or at a low-cost to the public.

In the event of public Satsang, a small fee may be suggested to help pay for the space where the Satsang is being held. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

If you would like to schedule either a private or group session, or Satsang in your area, please go to the Contact page and send us an email with your preferred dates and times. You will receive a reply back as soon as we are able, usually within 24 hours.

Donations are also accepted and are always greatly appreciated. By selecting the “Donate” button, you will be directly led to PayPal where both sites (theirs and this one) is encrypted and secure. Thank you for your generosity.

Our Mailing Address is:
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If you wish to send a check, please make all checks payable to:
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