Private Sessions

Private sessions are once again available with Rachaell SaanMa.
These are done over the phone, through Skype, or over Zoom (in person only on occasion). Each session is completely unique and tailored to meet one’s highest need. We will begin with dialogue, followed by insights and messages shared regarding your
next steps and highest path, and always includes a deep
healing meditation and transmission.

Sessions often result in a profound shift in one’s awareness affecting the deeper layers of consciousness and your everyday existence. Old patterns, habits and the way one sees oneself, others, and the world are raised to a higher level of understanding, love, freedom and true seeing. The resulting transformation can reveal itself on any and
all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). But ultimately, all “healing” is a natural release of deep hidden blocks and false unconscious beliefs that veil one’s radiant and glorious divine nature. This shift and recognition reveals your true Self and the divine Reality that you know all too well but had simply kept out
of your awareness all this time. It is now time to bring that back into full and conscious awareness, living
a life of Joy, Peace, True Liberation and Freedom.


Sessions usually last 1 to 1½ hours, but may go a little longer.  Shorter sessions are also available.

A sliding scale is offered at this time for private sessions:   $95 – $150 for each session.

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Group Sessions

Sessions for groups, large or small, are also available. Ms. SaanMa will come to your area if the request is made and the arrangements are possible.  Group Sessions through Zoom are also available. The cost for group sessions will depend on the number of participants. Online Retreats are also offered, for one day, a weekend retreat, or longer.  The cost for retreats will vary depending on the number of days.

If you would like to schedule either a Private or Group Session, Online Retreat or Satsang,
please click here: Contact  and send us an email with your message and preferred dates and times.
You will receive a reply back as soon as is possible, usually within 24 hours.


PLEASE NOTE:  Rachaell SaanMa will never refer to herself as a “healer.”  Many who come to her for assistance may use that word to describe her or their experience of a session with her. But she will never use that term to describe herself or her work.  All that occurs happens by Divine Grace. The “healing” that many refer to is often experienced as a deep sense of relief, peace, divine grace, and spiritual awakening. A recognition and feeling of wholeness, joy and insight strengthens and reinforces the awareness of one’s true nature and Divine Self. This is experienced as a complete renewal of one’s innermost spiritual and overall well-being. When one is feeling deep peace, renewed joy, expanded awareness, and has a stronger connection to the Divine, then anything, and everything is possible. Any “healing” on any level that may follow is a result of God’s pure Divine Grace.


Rachaell SaanMa makes no promise to heal. (Please read the full page above under “Sessions” of this website for a more detailed description). She does not give any medical diagnosis and does not provide any treatment. Participation in a session with her is not a replacement for medical consultation, professional medical advice, therapies or treatments. Please consult your medical health professional or practitioner for any of such. Any medical supervision, advice, or prescribed therapies and treatments that you may be taking at the time of a session with Rachaell SaanMa should be continued and followed for the duration as your medical practitioner recommends.


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