What People Have To Say

regarding Private Sessions, Group Gatherings, Satsang


“I have worked with Rachaell Saan Ma for over 20 years now and consider her to be a powerful catalyst for healing, clarity and real awakening. She gets right to the core of any situation helping one easily understand and transform at the causal level. Without saying much, she conveys the deeper meaning in a clear and concise way that is easy to understand. She seems to know exactly what will set one free. A wise teacher and gifted intuitive guide, she has helped reconnect me to my deepest truth, highest vision and grace, every time. Highly adept at many modalities and abilities, her sessions always seem magical. I highly recommend her.”   ~ E. C., California

“I can’t say enough about the assistance I received from Rachaell SaanMa. I have always facilitated my own healings, but at one point I was in a lot of emotional pain and felt really stuck. Thank goodness she stepped forward to assist me as she is very gifted. There’s a pure light and essence that seems to always work through her. In her presence, one literally has this divine light at their disposal. I experience SaanMa as a very wise teacher and healing intuitive. She seems to embody a Divine Mother and Mahatma presence that helps facilitate powerful transformations and awakening. I am very grateful for her assistance and recommend her highly.”    ~ J. S., Massachusetts

“Rachaell Saan-Ma is one of the most gifted people I have ever met. I consider her a fine multidimensional healer who helps transform at the core and aligns us with our true nature and higher purpose. She has mastered so many abilities and shows us the way to true awakening and inner peace. A session with her is truly a gift.”   ~ L. K. M., Michigan

“Rachaell Saan Ma has a masterful and empowering connection to the Divine. As a clear and devoted Presence, she brings forth exquisite energies that are expansive, empowering and enlightening.”    
~ N. C., California


“Saan Ma holds the space that unleashes and unveils such sacredness and truth within that empowers in every way. She shares and emanates wisdom, love and teachings that re-awaken Self…that return us to our natural and ecstatic state of grace from which all flows. I experience these sacred gatherings each time as an important moment in my life.”   ~ C. L., Michigan

“Rachaell SaanMa is such a gifted being on so many levels, with a direct knowing of the Divine. In private sessions, she offers a thorough insightful recognition of her clients on multidimensional levels, with an ability to guide them with whatever is emerging in the here and now. She approaches each person individually. To encounter the gift of her Presence in Satsang, is a nonverbal experience of connecting to deep Inner Peace – withIN the Silence – of one’s Self. Whether she engages you in the street, or walks alone, she embodies the Presence of Oneness.”   ~ D. J., California

“In only one evening, led by Rachaell, I was brought back to my truth, the space of non-judgement and purity. So much had moved through me. The awareness of my Self, on many levels, has been deeply awakened again.”      ~ D. C., Oregon

“Ms. Saan Ma’s wise and soothing voice takes one deep into the silence and into a very peaceful place of stillness. A beautiful and reverent space is always held while feeling deeply content and enveloped by love. Each time takes one deeper and more joyously into one’s own Self.”   ~ K.W. and S.W., California

“Ms. Saan Ma inspires with empowering and profound reminders to help awaken us to our divine truth. She brings us into higher consciousness, offering practical ways in which to overlook and transcend the lower consciousness of fear, doubt and separation. Her words—always uplifting and encouraging—are filled with valuable advice and enlightened wisdom.”    ~ T. L., California

“Saan Ma’s gatherings really help to bring one out—to be heard and accepted at the deepest level. She always creates a beautifully supportive space that is very powerful for me—one in which I found my voice. In this deeply nurturing and sacred environment, one can easily rediscover and celebrate the truth and essence of who they really are.”   ~ J. G., California

“Rachaell is excellent in her field of reading energy and understanding consciousness. In addition, her expert knowledge of the many wisdom teachings and spiritual sciences has helped me piece together aspects of my life bringing amazing clarity. I have benefited greatly from her insightful work which is broad, extensive and enlightening.”   ~ M. B., Arizona

“Thank you, Rachaell Saan Ma, so much for the inspirational words you share with all of us…always so beautiful, giving and loving. Such a shining example you are and an inspiration to emulate. Thank you for all your gifts to me, to our circle of gatherings, and to the world.”   ~ Z. U., New Mexico

“Rachaell Saan Ma helped connect me to my divinity. I was able to feel the support of the universe and gained the courage to step forth into the world and live a divinely inspired life.”    ~ S. G., New York


Rachaell SaanMa makes no promise to heal and will never refer to herself as a “healer.” (Please read the full page under “Sessions” of this website for a more detailed description). She does not give any medical diagnosis and does not provide any treatment. Participation in a session with her is not a replacement for medical consultation, professional medical advice, therapies or treatments. Please consult your medical health professional or practitioner for any of the above mentioned. Any medical supervision, advice, or prescribed therapies and treatments that you may be taking at the time of a session with Rachaell SaanMa should be continued and followed for the duration as your medical practitioner recommends.