The Greatest Offering

Offer up everything you are not.

The greatest offering you can ever make is you. Surrender over absolutely everything you are and everything you think you are. Ask that only the ‘Truth of You’ remain. This takes courage, but do it anyway. Whatever is not you will be revealed and seen for what it is and dissolved away from your consciousness. Everything that truly is you (in Divine Truth) will remain and will also be revealed.

There is an unconscious, erroneous belief in the mind that goes something like this:  “If I truly surrender everything over to God/Self/Source, etc., then something of value could be lost forever and I will have to go without.”  So we never surrender fully. There is always some form of personal identity that we hold onto even if it’s a false idea of who we truly are.

But if it’s Truth you really want, then total surrender is essential. This type of dedicated sincerity can sometimes follow a period of great pain, suffering, or apathy, but not necessarily. It is often pain or struggle that prompts us to want real Peace.

Surrender daily to Grace and to the very Truth of your Being. In fact,
insist on knowing the very Truth of your Being. It is then that Grace, God, Self or Spirit–however you may call It–will begin dissolving all that is false and all that has been misperceived by the mind.

You are never asked to give up anything that is Real or True
. In fact, it is impossible to give up anything that is Real or True. What is True stays with you forever. You are Truth ItSelf.

Attachment to the “individual” person and body-form is the hardest attachment to let go of. This is where the mind is most persistent in false identification and where one’s awareness must remain vigilant. There is no need to renounce the world itself, but only the way you view the world.


“Whatever is real and true can never be lost. It is impossible.
So be a quiet rebel. No one has to know but you.
Insist on only the Absolute Truth of your Being.
You have nothing to lose but delusion itself and everything to gain.”