The Ultimate Witness

You, as Perfect Awareness, do not ever “move.”


The mind is constantly moving, but You don’t have to follow.

Your body will move, but your awareness can remain steady as the silent witness.

Be the Divine Presence that watches from the place that remains still.

You become aware that there is this constant barrage of thoughts, stories and even feelings. But you don’t have to follow.  And eventually you will lose interest when you recognize the mind’s need to distract. Instead of identifying with the mind, be the one who watches the mind.

Witnessing is not the same as identifying. Stepping back and witnessing the mind’s moving thoughts leads to Truth and Freedom. Identifying with the mind’s thoughts leads to error and suffering.

Keep your attention always on the Truth of You.  In truth, you never move. You simply Are. This “ISness” is vast and beyond words.

The ego mind decides that every thought and feeling you have is your very own self. But it isn’t true.

The ego (a belief that fears it is separate and outside of God, Heaven or Source) uses the body as its ally to keep its illusory self going. In fact, the ego claims the body as its very own self. Believing that the body is actually who you are, makes it appear even more solid and important. That’s why people fear death. Death is part of the ego’s script. It doesn’t want to disappear.

The mind is an active power that belongs to Spirit. But the ego also claims the mind as itself and has deemed the mind its servant. This is so incredibly absurd that no one in their right mind would possibly believe this. And yet the masses are under the ego’s spell and therefore not in their right mind. Such is the power of belief.

When thoughts become too much for you, it’s okay. There is a way out. Simply get quiet, breath deeply, and step back away from them. And remember, they’re not you. They have nothing to do with you–the Self. They come and they go. Don’t identify as being them. The truth of your very existence as God Presence and indescribable Oneness does not come and go. It simply IS. And It is Eternal and never-ending.

It helps to continuously forgive what is right in front of your face in any given moment–whatever it is that pulls your mind away from Peace. You are really forgiving the entire projection that is coming from the unconscious part of the mind. The difficult appearance or projection is always the result of a belief that you are a body, “person” or separate from Self, God or Source…always!  Don’t let the mind try to convince you into thinking that any part of the projection is real.

Practice staying empty. Stay quiet inside and empty your mind of all content, opinions and the past. Most thoughts are meaningless anyway. The more you practice this, the easier it gets.

If you need help with any difficult or disturbing thoughts, always ask to view these through the eyes of Divine Love, Divine Truth, or the Holy Spirit, or God, or Christ or any other enlightened Being that you trust and call upon. Be vigilant with this. You will soon recognize that looking through the false self (that you thought was you) brought you nothing but grief and misery. This should give you the incentive to stay with the Truth.

Don’t touch any commentary or opinion about anyone ever, including yourself. The ego-mind loves to judge and will always tempt you to see separation. And even this is not you. Let all images and thoughts of others fade away. Keep the mind empty, kind and loving. Unless it’s about Perfect LOVE, it isn’t true. It is illusion.

Ego’s temptation is always about separation and conflict and tries to get you to follow. So don’t follow.  Don’t believe. Keep a “hands-off” approach at all times. Stay empty. Practice recognizing this false view versus the view of Truth or Oneness. With practice, this recognition will come easily and more quickly.

Rest every moment in simple Joy and quiet Peace. Forgive every thought and person that appears to enter the mind. It’s all an unconscious projection coming from the mind and is not real. You’ve been believing this for a long time. It has become habit for the mind. But with consistent effort, this false belief will lose its power and no longer hold your interest. It will fade because you are no longer following its insane tactics. You will re-discover the vast Presence that was always there. You will have Peace at last, that lasts.

Separation of any kind, and all that goes with it, is not real and does not exist. Know that there is only LOVE, God, or the One Reality everywhere at all times.  This truly is the only thing that exists.

“You cannot look at LOVE, or at the vastness of your Being
these Eternal treasures are formless.
But you can look from LOVE and from the vastness You are.”