There is no world apart from the mind

There is no world that exists as a separate entity apart from the mind’s thoughts.


You have been taught that the world you see and live in is a solid, physical, material world–one that has existed before you were “born.” But what you see with the body’s eyes is really a display of mental images, nothing more. It is all happening in the mind–an optical illusion; a dream projection coming from the unconscious part of the mind.

One forgets that they are dreaming, or projecting. The cause of the dream is not from God and not from “out there.” It is in the unconscious part of the mind, turning hidden beliefs into images that seem to exist outside of you. The appearance of the world seems to be happening “out there” and coming “at us” rather than from us.

This is duality.

“As long as the world of appearance and form is taken to be real or true,
there can be no true realization of the Self that you are .
You will think you are a ‘person’…and that spells trouble.”   ~SaanMa

What you are seeing is not true. The body’s eyes will always deceive. They can only see what they were meant to see. And they cannot look upon Truth. They will see a body, many bodies, all separate and affecting one another. But all bodies are simply figures in a dream movie. In truth, there is no one out there. It is all a trick of the mind coming from the ego’s persistent belief in separation from Self and from Its Source. Reality is only ONE.  Any appearance of separation never actually happened and can never occur except in the mind.

You want to start believing or rather getting used to seeing the unreality of this world, including the unreality of the body. It is the same as undoing the ego. It becomes a continual practice in learning to see differently–seeing through the eyes of Truth, of Spirit, and looking past appearances. This will eventually undo the unconscious part of the mind that believes it is separate.

When the ego is diffused from the unconscious mind, then Love becomes your experience, since Love is all you truly are. But the denied and hidden belief in separation veils this simple truth. As soon as you make any of the appearance world real, you will react to it, unaware that you are reacting to characters scripted from your own dream. Making any of it real will bind you to the illusion. The world can have no effect upon you unless you forget that you’re dreaming and that it’s all You.

You are dreaming a dream, and because it is a dream, none of its content is true.

This should actually be incredibly good news; a welcomed relief. But it is blasphemy to the ego. To know the Self is death to the ego. The ego senses this and puts up tremendous resistance. The ego uses the body as its ally to keep the separation illusion going. It wants you to believe you are a body and that’s how it gets you to believe in death. Of course, you are not the body nor are you any of its associated identifications. You have never been born nor have you ever died. Don’t fall for it. You can still enjoy the movie, just like you do in a movie theater. Just don’t make any of it real. It takes persistent practice to truly see beyond appearances. If you are sincere in wanting Truth, then ask and it will be revealed. Truth can never be denied to one who is genuinely seeking.

Stay as the witness, the unchanging Awareness; the One who silently watches; the one who can truly forgive and look past the entire illusory veil. Don’t always follow the mind’s thoughts. Thoughts arising from the part of the mind that believes it is separate will always lead you falsely. Stay put as the One you truly are–Infinite Presence and Love’s Awareness.

You don’t have to change anything in the dream. You simply need to awaken from it. In this way, you will view it differently and actually experience true joy without all the fear. Happiness and Joy are your true nature.

The Self is always aware of the Self, of real LOVE, of God. But the mind cannot see the Self. You will have to get quiet and ignore the busy mind in order to recognize Truth.

When you forget that you are the one dreaming or projecting, then you will also forget the Self. You will seem to deny the very Truth of your Being. Everything will appear to be happening to you, rather than reflecting what’s actually going on in the hidden parts of the collective mind. And still, none of this is You.

This dream need not be fixed, but only awakened from. Return your awareness to the One Self; the One Source of all. Go beyond the ego-mind and you will go beyond all apparent sorrows of this world.

“God did not create a meaningless world. What God did not create does not exist.
The world you see has nothing to do with Reality.
It is of your own making, and it does not exist.”
~ A Course In Miracles