You are always the One Self

You can never not be the Self.


The Self is God. The Self is the Beloved. The Self is ALL. It is Source. It is You. It is Vast Awareness, Love, Truth, Joy, Bliss. It is called the Self, because in that Awareness, absolutely nothing can exist outside of That. And you are That!

The only way you can appear to be an individual abiding inside a body experiencing ups and downs is through dreaming. But a dream, no matter how convincing, can never be true. It is only an appearance.

The ego-mind is shrouded in false perception, ignorant of the Self you are. You will not be able to see or enjoy the Blissful Truth of your Being from the ego’s perspective. It will be impossible. This false view is limited and thinks it is a body and separate from God or Source. This part of your mind will convince you that God is outside of you and definitely unattainable. But God exists as only LOVE and has absolutely nothing to do with the appearance of this world or separation at all. And you are still at home “in God.”

The only way to realize and know the Self or Truth of your Being, is to move beyond this false ego view–the part of the mind that unconsciously believes it is separate. Every form of suffering is from this one belief.

Mind will distract you away from Truth with meaningless thoughts. Notice when the mind gets idle, focusing on negativity or trivial things. Become aware of this. All these thoughts are still not you. So don’t follow them. Don’t identify as them. Stay vigilant. Soon you will realize their absurd nonsense.

Give your attention instead to your innermost Being ~ to LOVE, to God, to all that is Holy, Sacred and True. You will need to get quiet inside and catch yourself whenever you are identifying with the ego-body-mind-individual person that you think you are. Identify instead with what you really are.

Real silence is not the absence of sound.
It is when the mind rests in stillness and actually stops running.
It stops running because you are no longer following.

You will discover that the mind quiets all on its own because it has nowhere else to go. This will happen naturally when you practice staying put in the Is-ness of You; the All-pervading Presence of your eternal Reality. You are no longer placing your attention on countless thoughts as if they are true or have substance or actually matter. You are staying as stillness, as emptiness, as the Self Luminous One you are.

Return your attention to Awareness, to Love’s Presence, to Peace, to the Bliss of the Self, to God. Affirm frequently that this is what you are. Nothing else in Truth exists.

“To find the Beloved is to find my Self, to discover that God is my very own,
wholly identical with myself, my innermost Self.”
~ Sri Anandamayi Ma